Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sadness Through Words

I was all set to write a happy post about how I have had a fantastic day...
but you know how those things come along once in a while and just turn your mood upside-down?
I am very firmly entrenched in the idea that all people deserve respect. All people are worthy of love.
And if you show me a religion that preaches that once kind of love is less deserving of respect than others, I will show you a religion of hatred.

"wow this is a parodox!!in the Bible, it says that It's a sin to be gay ( and yes i can tell you where)and these kids are "gay christians"what has the world come to? OK i do NOT get all these people. tehy claim to be "christian" but they are gay.Well AHEM in the BIBLE it says that it is a SIN SIN SIN! to be gay.Do you even BELIEVE in the Bible?i didn't think so... "- Found on the Youtube trailer for CampOut
This kind of hatred and bigotry and misunderstanding just makes me hurt. I feel like a kicked puppy. I just find it so difficult to comprehend this kind of.... blindness.
It may, in fact, be a cause I am willing to give my life to, the abolishment of this kind of hurt.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Violation Day

Today is violation day. Not my favorite day of ever.
Doctors visits are always a bit alarming in the whole "please don't touch me, this feels creepy" kind of way.
Also, the dog food made its way home today. It is no longer AWOL.
I snagged the last open space in the Academic Writing class, which was the end of my good luck for the day.
Today... is not a happy day.
Today is Violation Day.
Getting blood drawn is never fun. But six vials? Really?
That was just uncalled for.
And don't get me started on medication.
I have become Marz, the Walking Medical Pinata. Without a tilde, because I have no recollection of how to create a tilde.
If you hit me with a stick, I dare venture that pills would fall out.
Oh, and my new NOT favorite activity is having an EKG.
Electrodes do not go on Marzes. Let us make this perfectly clear.
Anyway, I hope tomorrows random event is better than todays, because, honestly, today's wasn't all that fantastic, AND I can't write about it on the interwebs.
But it does involve a doctor visit.

May your day be free of needles and rubber gloves,

Monday, March 23, 2009

No, it's not my lunch.

Today I walked into school and was handed a yellow bag of Iams dogfood.
I carried it around for a while, but then I forgot it in my Econ classroom, and never went back to get it. It was really heavy, and I'm surprised I forgot it.
I can imagine that my Econ teacher may be a little confused.
I certianly was.
That would be the random event of the day.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Poetry from a far off age.

A stone, if thrown correctly,
Can send shards
Flying in all directions, chased by
A spray of clear water.
The curves and swirls of a
Windswept lake
Keep changing and reforming,
A testament to the power
Of the unknown.
Silent steps under
Gleaming stars bring the lake into
Ice brings winter in its wake.

This was a triumph....

Well, world, here I come.
I've been writing these down for a while, little bits and pieces of the world as they filter through my mind.
No pretense, no purpose, just wonder. A little sarcasm. Occasionaly sadness.
This is my life on the short bus, my trip through the rabbit hole.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do-- it's quite a trip.