Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sadness Through Words

I was all set to write a happy post about how I have had a fantastic day...
but you know how those things come along once in a while and just turn your mood upside-down?
I am very firmly entrenched in the idea that all people deserve respect. All people are worthy of love.
And if you show me a religion that preaches that once kind of love is less deserving of respect than others, I will show you a religion of hatred.

"wow this is a parodox!!in the Bible, it says that It's a sin to be gay ( and yes i can tell you where)and these kids are "gay christians"what has the world come to? OK i do NOT get all these people. tehy claim to be "christian" but they are gay.Well AHEM in the BIBLE it says that it is a SIN SIN SIN! to be gay.Do you even BELIEVE in the Bible?i didn't think so... "- Found on the Youtube trailer for CampOut
This kind of hatred and bigotry and misunderstanding just makes me hurt. I feel like a kicked puppy. I just find it so difficult to comprehend this kind of.... blindness.
It may, in fact, be a cause I am willing to give my life to, the abolishment of this kind of hurt.

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